Dream Of Flowers Sleep & Relaxation Tea


Shipping time on our teas is about 2 weeks. Tea shelf life is up to 2 years. We suggest stocking up on your favorite teas and trying out some of our other bestsellers! 

Regular comes in a 1oz bag. Large comes in a 4oz bag.

Relaxing, sleepy time infusion of Chamomile Flower, Rose Petals, French Lavender & Tulsi Leaf.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Sleep, Relax, Wellness, Destress,  

FLAVOR PROFILE: Earthy, floral, sweet.

Caffeine Content: None.

Serving: 1 tsp. per 8oz water

Steep for 5-7 minutes.

#1 blend for sleepless nights! Dream of Flowers contains a perfectly balanced mixture of sedative herbs and flowers, GMO & caffeine free. 


Chamomile Flower

Rose Petals

French Lavender

Tulsi Leaf

How do these bed time herbs work?

Chamomile tea, brewed from dried flower heads, has been used traditionally for medicinal purposes. The main constituents of the flowers include several phenolic compounds, primarily the flavonoids apigenin, quercetin, patuletin, luteolin and their glucosides. 

We are not doctors nor do we offer medical advice. If you have any health-related concerns please contact your doctor.

Black Feather Dream Of Flowers Sleep & Relaxation Tea



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