Open Adjustable Heart Moonstone Ring

Moonstone is a variety of minerals known as orthoclase. They are naturally formed
when orthoclase and albite separate, creating alternate layers. When light shines in
between these layers, it creates an optical phenomenon known as adularescence,
which is a blue/white glow from the stone. This optical phenomenon is produced in
gemstones such as moonstones and is essentially what gives the stone its unique
and stunning appearance.

Moonstone is a stone that represents "new beginnings". It is believed to provide
inner growth and strength, to balance emotions. In addition, its tranquil energy is
said to invite creativity and restoration.
No returns or exchanges with any jewelry, unless in the rare case your jewelry is defected.
  • Appearance: Heart, adjustable
  • Material: 925 sterling silver, platinum-plated, natural moonstone, no color retention for platinum
  • Craft: Polished
  • Care: Avoid wearing during exercise, as sweat will react with the jewelry to produce silver chloride and copper sulfide.
  • Including: A matching box.
  • Product measurements:

Weight: 0.18 oz (5 g)


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