Brazilian Paraiba Tourmaline Pear Shape Ring

$39.00 $102.00
Paraiba Tourmaline is an exclusive bright blue-green colored gem variety of the Tourmaline family. It is the only tourmaline that owes its extraordinary vivid hue and intense glow from the copper element. This gemstone was discovered in the 1980s in the Paraiba Hills of Brazil and got immensely popular in lesser time because of its unmatchable beauty and high rarity. This gemstone is always appreciated by the jewelry lovers and gem collectors.
In gem healing therapies, Paraiba tourmaline is regarded as a spiritual gemstone that brings positivity, peace and a feeling of fulfilment. It is said to have immense healing properties that help the wearer to stay fit and healthy.
Here is how some gemologists say Paraiba Tourmaline can benefit you:
  • Sharpens Intuition & Creative Skills.
  • Promotes Emotional Healing.
  • Supports Meditation & Spiritual Vision.
  • Improves Metabolism & Immune System.
Shipping time: 1-2 weeks
  • Fine jewelry / genuine Paraiba Tourmaline
  • All jewelry sales are final.
  • Includes: A matching box.
  • Style: Modern
  • Material: Paraiba tourmaline, 925 sterling silver, Platinum-plated, Zircon (accent stones)
  • Gemstone origin: Brazil
  • Product measurements:

5: Circumference 2 in

6: Circumference 2.1 in

7: Circumference 2.2 in

8: Circumference 2.3 in

9: Circumference 2.4 in

10: Circumference 2.44 in

Weight: 0.09 oz (2.6 g)


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