Pomegranate Infused Black Tea | Weight Loss | Energy | Digestion


Shipping time on our teas is about 1-2 weeks. Tea shelf life is up to 2 years. We suggest stocking up on your favorite teas and trying out some of our other bestsellers! 

Regular is in a 2oz bag. Large is 3x the size and comes in a 6oz bag.

HEALTH BENEFITS: Weight Loss, Energy, Cardiovascular, Digestion.

FLAVOR PROFILE: Fruity, naturally sweet.

Caffeine Content: Strong.

Serving: 1 tsp. per 8oz water

Steep for 3-5 minutes.

Naturally blended, composed of a smooth Indian black tea and brilliant dark orange safflower petals bathed in a sweet and tart natural pomegranate infusion and safflower petals. 

Caffeine strength is an estimated 90mg to assist in energy & clarity.

Benefits of Black Tea:

    • Antioxidants called polyphenols in black tea may help prevent DNA damage in the body
    • Deter weight gain and promote fat loss
    • Lower blood sugar levels and the chance of developing type-2 diabetes
    • Lowers risk of heart attack and cardiovascular disease
    • Reduce blood pressure
    • Helps to provide mental alertness and energy 
    • Caffeine strength is an estimated 90mg to assist in energy & clarity.

Black tea not only helps to fight bacteria but also strengthens the immune system. As one knows, drinking tea hydrates the body, thus a cup of black tea helps moisturizes the skin. Black tea also balances the hormone levels, which fends off stress. Not only does black tea have anti-inflammatory qualities, it also keeps a check on the digestive tracts functioning. It can help reduce stroke risks as it balances the cholesterol level.”

We are not doctors nor do we offer medical advice. If you have any health-related concerns please contact your doctor.

Black Feather Pomegranate Infused Black Tea



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